About “This Is How I Hire” Podcast

Welcome to the podcast for executives and executive job seekers, where business leaders talk about finding and hiring great employees. We deliver engaging and informative interviews with top executives and business leaders in public companies, startups, and businesses on the rise give the insider’s view on how they identify the right employee talent for their organizations.

What is “This Is How I Hire”?

Do you ever wonder how hiring executives choose candidates for prime roles? This Is How I Hire gives a deep insider’s look into what hiring executives really think about hiring strategy.

From the outside job seeker’s perspective, it might seem that companies’ processes for identifying and recruiting talent is a complete mystery. You might think the recruitment process is deliberately hidden from the applicant, and you’re certain that nothing about it is designed to help you get your next job.

As a job seeker, you know what you’re putting in—a great resume, a powerful career history, and a passion for what you do—but you have no idea what happens to these credentials once they are added to the pipeline. Thus, you are rightly nervous every time you inquire about an opportunity, attempt to connect with the right executive leader, or try to network into company that seems ideal for you.

This Is How I Hire Podcast gives you, the job seeker, the insider’s view on how executives hire talented teams. You will learn how those making hiring decisions determine their talent needs, invite candidates to engage, and determine which candidate will get that coveted job offer. Through one-on-one interviews with senior executives in multiple industries, in multiple functions, from startup to publicly traded businesses, you will learn the mindset and strategies that hiring executives use to successfully fill important positions in their businesses.

Throughout this podcast, Amy L. Adler, executive resume writer and president of Five Strengths Career Transition Experts, invites senior executives to weigh in on their strategies for bringing the right talent into their businesses. She talks to these business leaders about what they look for in their ideal talent and the ways in which their hiring processes have evolved and become unique methods of identifying talent.

Where Can You Listen to “This Is How I Hire” Podcast?

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