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James E. Kelly: I Hire What I Can’t Teach

I’m honored to be speaking today with James E. Kelly, currently the US Business Development Lead for Sulzer, which delivers syringe-based mixing and administration of ortho biologics and pharmaceuticals. Jim Kelly is this incredible mix of startup, global corporate, sales, marketing, and even military. He’s worked at some of the biggest names in medical device manufacturing—Merit Medical, Biosphere, and Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few.

He’s also spearheaded the development and commercialization of some pretty cool biodevice startups, working with the University of Utah Technology and Venture Commercialization organization as an advisor and growth catalyst. I always enjoy speaking with Jim about his background and leadership style, because he’s super insightful about his expertise and always ready to invite an answer to a question—or to describe an experience from his deep and broad background. As you listen in on our chat, I hope you will see, as I did, the way Jim’s depth of personal research throughout the hiring process impacts his decision-making process, especially as he chooses to hire individuals with different types of knowledge from his own.

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